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​Our Mission

There is no nationality about food


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Al supermercato


Nowadays, Chinese supermarkets in Italy are blooming. In order to allow Italian travelers and foreign students to taste Chinese food for the first time, we are duty-bound to bring it to them.

We are in fact committed to providing wholesale services to Chinese supermarkets everywhere, meeting all customer needs in the most efficient way and with the highest quality service.


We supply restaurants with all kinds of basic necessities (sauces, spices, condiments, dry and frozen products, etc.), of various capacities and models, in order to meet the needs of various restaurants, from small ones to large chains, and to settle them in one step.

Chef guarnitura un pasto
Pagare al negozio


We make each reseller the most advantageous prices, guaranteeing them maximum profit and obtaining as a visible benefit the basis for common development and mutual benefit.



Camion e Magazzino


We have our own logistics team, and we can provide 24h flash delivery all over Italy.

Product specification

In Italy, we are one of the few Asian importing companies provided with complete formal procedures and compliance with EU standards.

Snack shop

Product diversification

We specialize in importing Asian food, with a rich variety of products and more complete tastes.

Market Development

We are committed to exploring new markets, hoping to bring good products to more people. We have the most popular new items on the local market.

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